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Alice the cat

Available Services


- Annual examinations and vaccinations
- Skin, eye, and ear exams
- Routine blood, urine, and stool testing
- Health certificates for US and Canada
- Behavior problem consults
- Sick exams (excluding emergencies)
- Geriatric exams
- Quality of life / Hospice care consultations
- In-home peaceful euthanasia


- Quality of life / Hospice care consultations
- In-home peaceful euthanasia

We DO NOT provide emergency services


Fees and payment:

House call fee: $85-105 depending on location
Same day appointments are not available.

Most appointments are scheduled 1-2 weeks in advance and up to 3-4 weeks in advance for Saturdays.

Additional charges depend on the services rendered. Dr. Warford will provide as detailed estimate as possible for the entire visit via email prior to scheduling your appointment.

Please ask any questions regarding charges that you may have prior to scheduling the appointment. Also, please notify Dr Warford if you have insurance coverage and need to forward any paperwork prior to the appointment.

Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are the accepted forms of payment. Unfortunately, we do not accept Care Credit at this time.

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Scheduling an Appointment

You may contact Dr Warford via phone (877.669.8706) or email with any questions, to request an estimate, or to schedule an appointment. Often, due to logistics, it is easiest to respond to inquiries faster if received via email. Please feel free to email us directly at hello@dcmetrovet.com. Please be as detailed as possible as to your location, your requested appointment date/time and your pet's needs or concerns.

Leaving a Message
It is often difficult to answer the phone due to the large amount of driving, but all messages are checked regularly. Please be as detailed as possible in your message about the services you need, your location, and your preferred appt dates/times.

Emergency Services
We do not provide emergency services. If you feel your pet needs urgent care, please go immediately to a veterinary hospital near you.

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Preparing for Your Appointment

Nervous Pets
Please have your pets confined in a room so that they are easily accessible, especially if they tend to hide from strangers. Your best option may be a bathroom or a room without furniture the pet can get underneath.

Medical Records
Please have any previous medical records available for review, especially if Dr. Warford is following up on a previously diagnosed problem, even if you are not sure it is relevant. Better service can be provided with access to a detailed medical history. Dr Warford is happy to work with other veterinarians for the optimal care of your pet.

Appointment Time
Please allow up to an hour for the appointment. Dr Warford strives to be time-efficient without rushing any part of the appointment. This allows time for paperwork, services, discussions, and payment.

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Cancellation Policy

Please cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance. If an emergency arises (as they do) and you will be unable to be home for the scheduled appointment for any reason, please contact Dr Warford at least one hour prior to the appointment time or you will be charged a house call fee for Dr Warford's time. 

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Schedule a Consultation

If you would like more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact:

Dr JD Warford
Phone: 877.669.8706
Fax: 877.669.8706
Email: hello@dcmetrovet.com

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