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Meet DC MetroVet

DC MetroVet TeamMeet the owners and operators of DC MetroVet: Dr JD Warford (left) and Jessica Serensits (right). See below for bios.

Nonprofit Partnerships

DC MetroVet strives to work with local nonprofits, shelters, and rescue organizations. We are currently investigating opportunities for partnerships and service donations. As our business continues to grow, DC MetroVet pledges that our donation of time and services to our local community will grow along side it. If you are a DC Metro/MD organization and wish to discuss how we may be able to work together, please contact us.

Dr JD Warford

Dr JD Warford

Like many people, I've been an animal lover my whole life. I got my first dog, Popcorn (a miniature poodle), when I was 5, and there hasn't been a time since that I haven't come home to at least one four-legged creature greeting me with wags, wiggles and smiling eyes.

I grew up in Louisiana, and graduated with my DVM from Louisiana State University in 1996. I am a member of AVMA, AVSAB & LGVMA, and have practiced in rural Louisiana, north-eastern beach towns, and in the metro area of our nation's capitol; I've co-owned my own practice, worked for and volunteered for non-profits and animal shelters, served as an animal cruelty investigator, been active in competitive obedience and agility training, worked with Therapy Dogs International, and have worked for practices both full time as an associate and as a relief veterinarian. I've tried to expose myself to as many learning opportunities as possible, and am proud of my career and committment to excellence.

My approach to general veterinary medicine is one that takes both the pet and the owner into consideration, and one that also relies on the involvement of the owner in the diagnosis, treatment and general health of the pet. Behavior medicine, in particular, requires a huge amount of dedication by the owner in order to achieve the desired goals. There are never any guarantees, but it certainly is rewarding when you see an animal that once was suffering from anxiety or a frustrated owner finally relaxed and enjoying each other again!

Jessica Serensits

Dr JD Warford

I've always had pets in my life and can't imagine not coming home to a furry friend at the end of the day. I'm one of those rare folks actually born in DC, raised in the metro area, and am keenly aware of the unique needs and schedules of pet owners in this area. I've also worked with multiple rescue organizations.

I keep track of the day to day business of DC MetroVet, including ordering, scheduling, and managing general contact with vendors and non-profit partners. I also keep Dr Warford's schedule moving smoothly and help with appointments and follow up when needed. On a personal note, Dr. Warford and I married in June 2010. We have a cat named Alice.


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